Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how Drifton A/S (‘Drifton’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘we’) collects and processes information about you. 
This Privacy Policy applies to our B2B customers, users of our website and visitors to our webshop. Drifton is the data controller of your personal data.
Drifton can be contacted using the information indicated under point 7. 

1. How do we collect personal data?

Personal data mean all data that in some way can be attributed to you. For example, we collect personal data in the following ways:

  • With cookies when you visit our website.
  • When you shop in our webshop.
  • When you subscribe to our newsletter.
  • On the B2B market: For example, if a request is made as part of a sales relationship for a quote for one of our products or services and as part of support enquiries.
  • From social media (LinkedIn) and company registers (NN Markedsdata).

Collection of personal data and the processing of these will at all times be performed in compliance with the law. 

2. What kind of information do we collect and for what purpose?

2.1. Website

When you visit our website, we collect and process data that are attributable to you as a person. This takes place e.g. if you subscribe to our newsletter or submit enquiries using our e-mail form. In addition to the data that you yourself enter, our website uses cookies.

The purpose of this data collection is: 

  • Analysis of use of our website by cookies (date and time of visits, pages visited, visitor’s IP address, geographical location, information about the browser and computer used (type, version, operating system etc.), URL of reference site etc.).
  • Adaptation of content on our website.
  • Communication related to enquiries using our e-mail form.
  • To target offers and campaigns to individual customers based on browsing history (e.g. the pages you have visited) using e.g. Google Remarketing adverts.

Collection of data is necessary in order for us to perform enhancement of website features and structure and send you appropriate offers (using Google Remarketing adverts. Please see point 3.2).

2.2. Shopping in our webshop

As part of a purchase in our webshop, you are required to state your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address which is information that is used solely to process your order. The data are stored electronically in unencrypted form. Only trusted employees have access to this information. These data are stored for five (5) years pursuant to Section 10 of the Danish Bookkeeping Act and order information is not disclosed to third parties and it is not used for unsolicited dispatch of e-mails.
The purpose of this data collection is: 

  • Completion of webshop orders.
  • Order processing and communication about your order.

The above are necessary in order for us to fulfil our agreement with you.
Drifton uses the ePay payment system to handle online purchases and does not itself store data about payment, e.g. debit card numbers etc. 

2.3. The B2B market

The personal data we collect are used for various purposes as part of your customer relationship as well as Drifton operations. These data consist of standard personal data related to customer administration and marketing, if applicable:

  • Professional contact information: Name, e-mail, telephone number and job title.
  • Customer dialogue when you contact us about customer issues or make other enquiries.
  • Product interests and campaign segmentation (contact by e-mail is only made with consent).

The purpose of this data collection is: 

  • Processing of your purchases of products and services.
  • Management of your relationship with Drifton.
  • Adaptation of our communication with and marketing to you.

Collection of data is necessary in order for us to fulfil our agreement with you, safeguard the interests of our business and send you appropriate offers.

3. Disclosure of information 

5.1. General information

Drifton only discloses customer data to third parties in accordance with the information stated in this Privacy Policy.
We are permitted to disclose your data if we are under obligation to disclose or share data in order to comply with statutory obligations. Disclosure is further permitted in compliance with a court order or order by other government authority.
Drifton uses service providers and data processers who perform work on our behalf. These services may include server hosting and system maintenance, analysis, payment solutions, shipping etc. These partners are permitted access to data to the extent that this is required in order for them to provide their services. Partners will be contractually obliged to process all data in strict confidence. They are not permitted to use data for any other purpose than their contractual obligation.

3.2. About Google Analytics

Drifton uses Google Analytics as its web analysis solution. For this purpose, web analysis data are sent from our website for analysis in the service provided by Google. Google Analytics acts as the ‘data processor’ of the data and Drifton as the ‘data controller’ of the data. Data may only be disclosed by agreement or to comply with legal requirements.

Find out more about Google’s privacy policy here:

Google offers a range of solutions for the anonymization of data and conduct.
Find out more here:

3.3. Retargeting technologies

Our website uses retargeting technology (Google Remarketing). This provides us with the opportunity to advertise directly to our visitors on other websites. On the basis of interest shown in our website by visitors, we believe that the display of personal, interest-based advertising is of more interest to our customers than adverts that do not have a personal connection. Retargeting technology analyses your cookies and displays adverts based on your previous Internet behaviour. For further information about cookies, please see our cookie policy.

4. Storage period

Data are stored for the time period permitted pursuant to legislation and we delete them when they are no longer required. This period depends on the nature of the data and the reason for storing the data. For this reason, it is not possible to state a general timeframe for the date of deletion of data.
When purchases are made in the webshop, data are stored for five (5) years calculated from the end of the financial year in which the purchase was completed. Data are stored according to Section 10 of the Danish Bookkeeping Act.

5. Security

We have taken technical and organisational measures to prevent your data being accidentally or illegally erased, published, lost, reduced or disclosed to unauthorised parties, misused or otherwise processed in contravention of legislation.
Our IT suppliers continuously ensure that our IT equipment is updated and has suitable security measures in place, including firewall and antivirus protection.
The collected personal data are stored on servers in Denmark. Some personal data are managed by data processors who process personal data on behalf of Drifton pursuant to applicable privacy legislation. Drifton has signed data processing agreements with all the data processors that we make use of pursuant to the new EU rules for the processing of personal data (GDPR).

6. Access and complaints

You are entitled to be informed of the personal data we process about you. You are also entitled at any time to object to the use of your data. You are entitled to withdraw your consent to your data being processed. If the data being processed about you are incorrect, you are entitled to have them rectified or erased. To submit an enquiry about your data, please write to: If you wish to complain about our processing of your personal data, you can also contact the Danish Data Protection Agency.

7. Contact information

Drifton A/S is the data controller of the personal data that we collect about you. If you should have questions about or comments to this Privacy Policy, please contact: 
Drifton A/S
c/o Diatom A/S
Avedøreholmen 84
DK-2650 Hvidovre
Tel: +45 3677 3600
CVR: DK 5328 4310

9. Cookie policy

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